About Air

Guess this is my page to be descriptive of my purpose.
I’m Air and this is My Air Wave . I will use it to keep track of my explorations around Second Life, mostly for the wonderful sims I visit and the shops I see when out exploring.

I do have another blog I use that one for tracking my interest in Art at second life sims it’s called: http://aairsl.blogspot.com

I’m also exploring other social medias:
flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/__air/

Rarely on: Tumblr – Air Rave

YouTube – OnAir

My SL MarketPlace  I have an small shop in SL too.

Aair Resident (Air)
I back space ALOT!  Not to confident in my words here.  Given some time my confidence will grow. Learning in progress.


back space back space or add another page.


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